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No Touch Soap Dispenser

No Touch soap dispenser for your favorite soaps, simply fill up your own soap bowl with refill lysol and enjoy your soapy environment without ever having to leave your home. Whether you're a business or a personal shopper, No Touch soap is puissant for your needs.

Unit Only  White New In Box Sealed
Battery Operated, Silver/black Countertop
Work With Dial 52oz

L Lysol No Touch Soap

By Unbranded


- Reusable
Transfer Cap Refill With Your Own Soap
Reusable Lysol No Touch Soap Refill Transfer Cap For Lysol Auto Soap Dispenser
Refill Transfer Cap & 16 oz Bottle For Your Lysol No Touch Auto Soap Dispenser

Refill Transfer Cap & 16

By Handmade


Only Silver Gray Black Motion Activated Works

Lysol No Touch Soap Dispenser Refill

This is a reusable lysol No Touch soap refill transfer cap for lysol auto soap dispenser, it is ideal for when you want to re-use your lysol soap. The transfer cap allows you to refill your lysol soap dispenser automatically, this is a community member's write-up on how to attach a walgreens lysol soap dispenser to an auto dispenser. With help soap-dispenser, org tools. In total there is an image and detailed guide on how to attach a walgreens lysol soap dispenser to an auto dispenser, this lysol no-touch hand soap dispensing system is designed to make it facile for you to get your soap to your room or house without needing to handle the Touch of a finger. The dispenser starts automatically following the first use and will visit your home once every 30 minutes to keep you from having to constantly worried about your soaps being there when you should be using it, this hand soap dispenser is a top-grade surrogate to keep your home clean without having to go through the trouble of brush against your hands. The lysol No Touch automatic hand soap dispenser vera soap refill kit gives you everything you need to keep your home clean without using any soap, this kit includes a white, aloe vera fruit drink, hand soap, and a brush.